Bill Introduced Description
H.Res.3332 Aug-02-07
To provide for the establishment of a memorial within Kalaupapa National Historical Park located on the island of Molokai, in the State of Hawaii, to honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who were forcibly relocated to the Kalaupapa Peninsula from 1866 to 1969, and for other purposes.
H.Res.3323 Aug-02-07
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to convey a water distribution system to the Goleta Water District, and for other purposes.
S.3306 Jul-22-08
A bill to ban the exportation of crude oil produced on Federal land, and for other purposes.
S.3304 Jul-22-08
A bill to designate the North Palisade in the Sierra Nevada in the State of California as "Brower Palisade" in honor of the late David Brower.
S.3302 Jul-22-08
A bill to authorize the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior to enter into cooperative agreements with State foresters authorizing State foresters to provide certain forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration and protection services.
H.Res.3299 Aug-01-07
To provide for a boundary adjustment and land conveyances involving Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, to correct the effects of an erroneous land survey that resulted in approximately 7 acres of the Crystal Lakes Subdivision, Ninth Filing, encroaching on National Forest System land, and for other purposes.
S.3286 Jul-17-08
A bill to amend the Dayton Aviation Heritage Preservation Act of 1992 to add sites to the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, and for other purposes.
S.3282 Jul-17-08
A bill to amend the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to provide assistance to States to establish and implement response plans to address rising heating oil, natural gas, diesel, and other energy costs, and for other purposes.
S.3256 Jul-11-08
A bill to provide a supplemental funding source for catastrophic emergency wildland fire suppression activities on Department of the Interior and National Forest System lands, to require the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to develop a cohesive wildland fire management strategy, and for other purposes.
S.3247 Jul-10-08
A bill to provide for the designation of the River Raisin National Battlefield Park in the State of Michigan.