Bill Introduced Description
S.3487 Jun-15-10
A bill to amend the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 to provide electric consumers the right to access certain electric energy information, and for other purposes.
S.3482 Jun-10-10
A bill to provide for the development of solar pilot project areas on public land in Lincoln County, Nevada.
H.Res.3476 Jul-31-09
To reauthorize the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Citizen Advisory Commission.
S.3460 Jun-07-10
A bill to require the Secretary of Energy to provide funds to States for rebates, loans, and other incentives to eligible individuals or entities for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems for properties located in the United States, and for other purposes.
S.3452 May-27-10
A bill to designate the Valles Caldera National Preserve as a unit of the National Park System, and for other purposes.
S.3443 May-27-10
 A bill to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to eliminate the 30-day time limit for exploration plans.
S.3436 May-27-10
A bill to amend the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to establish a motor efficiency rebate program.
S.3433 May-27-10
A bill to prohibit the leasing of the Pacific, Atlantic, Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and Central Gulf of Mexico Regions of the outer Continental Shelf and to increase fuel economy standards.
S.3431 May-26-10
A bill to improve the administration of the Minerals Management Service, and for other purposes.
S.3428 May-26-10
A bill to designate the Memorial of Perpetual Tears, which honors victims of driving while impaired, as the official National DWI Victims Memorial.