Official Short: Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia

Long Title: To allow the National Park Service to acquire certain land for addition to the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia, as previously authorized by law, by purchase or exchange as well as by donation.

Sponsors: Mr. Warner, Mr. Robb, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Moynihan and Mr. Lott

THOMAS: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d106:S.955:

Short Titles

  • Virginia


  • Feb 10 2000 12:00AM: Measure indefinitely postponed.
    (See H.R. 1665)
  • Nov 8 1999 12:00AM: Mr. Lott added as cosponsor.
  • Jun 24 1999 12:00AM: Reported to the Senate with amendments. S. Rept. 106-95
  • Jun 16 1999 12:00AM: Full committee business meeting; ordered reported with amendments. (voice vote)
  • May 25 1999 12:00AM: Hearing by subcommittee. (33) S. Hrg. 106-191
  • May 21 1999 12:00AM: Requested reports from Interior and OMB.
  • May 12 1999 12:00AM: Mr. Moynihan added as cosponsor.
  • May 4 1999 12:00AM: Introduced.