Official Short: New Mexico Water Planning Assistance Act

Long Title: To provide assistance to the State of New Mexico for the development of comprehensive State water plans, and for other purposes.

Sponsors: Mr. Domenici and Mr. Bingaman

THOMAS: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d109:S.178:


  • Jul 27 2005 12:00AM: Referred to House Committee on Resources.
  • Jul 26 2005 12:00AM: Passed Senate.  (unanimous-consent)
  • Mar 7 2005 12:00AM: Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar.  Calendar No. 27
  • Mar 7 2005 12:00AM: Reported to the Senate without amendment.  S. Rept. 109-16
  • Feb 11 2005 12:00AM: Congressional Budget Office cost estimate received.
  • Feb 9 2005 12:00AM: Full committee business meeting; ordered reported without amendment.  (voice vote)
  • Jan 26 2005 12:00AM: Introduced.