Official Short: Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act of 2009

Long Title: A bill to amend the National Forest Ski Area Permit Act of 1986 to clarify the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture regarding additional recreational uses of National Forest System land that are subject to ski area permits, and for other purposes.

Sponsors: Mr. Udall of Colorado

THOMAS: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d111:S.607:


  • Sep 27 2010 12:00AM: Reported to the Senate with an amendment in the nature of a substitute and an amendment to the title. S. Rept. 111-304
  • Jul 21 2010 12:00AM: Full committee business meeting; ordered reported with amendments. (voice vote)
  • Oct 29 2009 12:00AM: Hearing by subcommittee. (46) S. Hrg. 111-223
  • Oct 27 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Bennett, Ms. Cantwell, and Mrs. Murray added as cosponsors.
  • Oct 22 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Gregg added as cosponsor.
  • Oct 19 2009 12:00AM: Ms. Stabenow added as cosponsor.
  • Sep 29 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Leahy added as cosponsor.
  • Sep 17 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Enzi added as cosponsor.
  • Sep 14 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Reid added as cosponsor.
  • Aug 3 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Sanders added as cosponsor.
  • Jun 23 2009 12:00AM: Mrs. Feinstein, Mr. Ensign, and Mr. Risch added as cosponsors.
  • May 20 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Barrasso and Mrs. Shaheen added as cosponsors.
  • Mar 26 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Bennet added as cosponsor.
  • Mar 17 2009 12:00AM: Introduced.