Official Short: America's Red Rock Wilderness Act of 2009

Long Title: A bill to designate as wilderness certain Federal portions of the red rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin Deserts in the State of Utah for the benefit of present and future generations of people in the United States.

Sponsors: Mr. Durbin, Mrs. Boxer, Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Cardin, Mr. Feingold, Mr. Harkin, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Lautenberg, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Menendez, Mr. Reed, Mr. Sanders, Ms. Stabenow, and Mr. Whitehouse

THOMAS: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d111:S.799:


  • Sep 28 2010 12:00AM: Mr. Brown added as cosponsor.
  • Oct 21 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Bennet added as cosponsor.
  • Jul 29 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Burris added as cosponsor.
  • Jul 23 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Merkley added as cosponsor.
  • Jul 9 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Kaufman added as cosponsor.
  • Jun 4 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Shcumer added as cosponsor.
  • May 21 2009 12:00AM: Mrs. Gillibrand added as cosponsor.
  • May 6 2009 12:00AM: Mr. Udall of Colorado added as cosponsor.
  • Apr 2 2009 12:00AM: Introduced.