Democratic News

Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
Week of Jan. 31-Feb. 4 
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the full committee will have a legislative hearing on the American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2011 (S. 99).  There will be a single panel of witnesses: Dr. Parrish Staples, director of European and African Threat Reduction, Office of Global Threat Reduction, National Nuclear Security Agency; Roy Brown, senior director of federal affairs for the Council on Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals; and Margaret Doane, director of the Office of International Programs, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  (Dirksen 366 at 10 a.m.)

  • On Thursday, Feb. 3, the full committee will receive testimony on the Energy and Oil Market Outlook for the 112th Congress.  Witnesses will include Dr. Richard Newell, administrator, Energy Information Administration; Nobuo Tanaka, executive director, International Energy Agency; Roger Diwan, partner and head of financial advisory, PFC Energy, Washington; and Jim Burkhard, managing director, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Cambridge, Mass.  (Hart 216 at 9:30 a.m.)
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