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Today, the Committee posted to its website a joint discussion draft and summary for the “21st Century Energy Technology Deployment Act.” This proposal, put forward by the bipartisan Committee staff, seeks to improve the loan guarantee program at the Department of Energy and to provide additional options for deploying energy technologies.  The basis of the bill is to shore up the existing program at DOE, then transition to a new financially-focused agency to perform and expand upon the duties of the program.
Do you want to read the bill and/or summary?  Yes?  Click here.
NOTE TO REPORTERS:  In an effort to provide you with the very latest on the bipartisan energy bill that Committee Members are producing, we’ve enhanced our website.  On the Senate Energy home page, in the stack of links on the left, is a new tab called Energy Bill 2009.  Linking to it will take you to the legislative drafts, introduced bills and committee mark-up items that are being considered for the legislation that our Committee hopes to report in the coming weeks.  New items are posted to this link as they become ready (like today).
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