Democratic News

This summer, as part of its energy bill, a majority of the U.S. Senate went on the record for the first time acknowledging that global warming is real, and that Congress needs to take real action to address it.  In Sen. Bingaman’s view, that was a major step in the right direction for our nation.

Shortly afterward, Senate Energy Chairman Pete Domenici announced that he would hold hearings on climate change.  He also said that he will work with Sen. Bingaman to build consensus on a policy to address the problem “through market-based limits and incentives that don’t harm our economy.”

On July 21, the Senate Energy Committee held the first of two hearings on “Climate Change Science and Economics.”  The second hearing, on economics, has now been noticed:

Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 10:00 a.m. in Dirksen 366.  Witnesses will discuss the relationship between energy consumption and climate change and the potential impacts that various proposals to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions might have on the economy.

If you cover climate, you’ll want to attend.

Happy as ever to answer questions.