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Later today in New Mexico , President Bush signs the Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law.  Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), one of the lead designers of this legislation, will take part in the ceremony.  Here is his statement:


“Today, the President signed the first comprehensive energy law in 13 years, after four years of work by Congress.  The new Energy Policy Act of 2005 takes positive steps towards improving energy supplies, boosting energy conservation and developing the new energy technologies that we will need in the future. 

 “I congratulate the President and all members of the Senate and House who worked hard to see this legislation enacted.  I especially congratulate Senator Domenici, Congressman Barton and Congressman Dingell for their leadership and for their success in this effort.

 “While we celebrate the good that is being accomplished in this energy bill, we also need to rededicate ourselves to making further progress towards national energy security.  I will continue to work with Senator Domenici and other Senate colleagues on a bipartisan basis in this Congress to get over the finish line with key proposals that we could not achieve in the current bill, including the following:

 Flexible but mandatory measures to address global warming.   The science is clear that global warming is a serious threat to our nation and to the world, and that we need to start doing something about it.  During Senate debate on the energy bill, 54 Senators publicly supported placing limits on global warming pollution, in a manner that can protect our economy as we protect our environment.

 Doing more to tap the potential of renewable energy.   An increased investment in renewable energy is an investment in 's energy security. 

 Taking effective action to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.   We in the import more than 60 percent of our oil.  The new Energy Policy Act of 2005 will not markedly reduce these imports.  We need to build a consensus around effective steps to use less oil in our transportation sector, which is the basic cause of our increasing reliance on oil imports. 

 “Again, I am glad to see this legislation signed into law.  It represents significant progress and it gives me hope that in the months and years ahead that we can make even greater progress.”





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