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At tomorrow’s mark-up, members of Senate Energy plan to “walk-through” draft legislation related to the siting, planning and cost allocations of electricity transmission. “Walk through” is a legislative term which basically means a discussion of proposed legislation, where questions are asked, explanations provided, changes proposed, objections voiced, support offered and so on.
There will be no legislative votes on Thursday; however, members will vote on five nominations pending before the Committee.  This will happen during the business meeting when a voting quorum (12 senators) is reached.  After pausing for those votes, the walk-through on transmission will continue.
A new discussion draft on transmission has been posted on the Committee’s website.  Link here.
The mark-up will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Committee’s hearing room, Dirksen 366.  It is open to the public, but will not be webcast or audiocast and there is no overflow room.  So please plan to arrive early.
Here’s a * tentative * schedule for future hearings and mark-ups – timing and topics may shift as bipartisan discussions continue.
Week of May 4         
 – full committee nomination hearing
 – mark-up of electricity siting, energy finance and nuclear energy
 – full committee hearing on cybersecurity
 – walkthrough of Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)
 – Energy Subcommittee hearing on net metering and distributed generation
Week of May 11       
 – full committee hearing on strategic reserves
 – mark-up of pending nominations, building efficiency, cybersecurity and RES
 – full committee hearing on carbon capture, transportation and storage (CCTS)
Week of May 18       
 – mark-up of oil and gas/public lands, CCTS, strategic reserves 
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