Democratic News

  • On Wednesday, Oct. 14, the full committee will receive testimony on energy and related economic effects of global climate change legislation.   Witnesses include Dr. Douglas Elmendorf, director, Congressional Budget Office; Dr. Richard Newell, administrator, Energy Information Administration; Dr. Larry Parker, energy and environmental policy specialist, Congressional Research Service; and Reid Harvey, chief of climate economics branch of the climate change division, Environmental Protection Agency.  (Dirksen 366 at 10:00 a.m.)
As Congress is wrapping up work on Fiscal Year 2010 spending bills, Chairman Bingaman and a bipartisan group of his colleagues are urging full funding in FY 2011 for the Forest Landscape Restoration Act, which President Obama signed in March.  Sens. Bingaman, Crapo, Feinstein and 16 others sent a letter to Secretary Vilsack and OMB Director Orszag this week asking the Administration to fully fund the program to implement landscape-scale forest restoration projects, reduce wildfire suppression costs and help local economies. 
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