Democratic News

The Senate passed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act today, 73-21. This comprehensive, bipartisan bill now goes to the House.  Then, onward to the President’s desk.
Chairman Bingaman: “I can’t think of a single bill that has ever done more to ensure the enjoyment of, and access to, wilderness areas, historical sites, national parks, forests, trails and scenic rivers.  In addition, this bipartisan bill will help protect America’s greatest liquid asset, its water resources.  Collectively, this is one of the most sweeping conservation laws the Senate has considered in many, many years.  ”
Sen. Murkowski:  “This lands package is hugely beneficial to individual communities not only around the country, but especially in Western states where the federal government owns more land and it has been less developed.  For far too long this omnibus bill has been blocked in the Senate to the detriment of communities that rely on the federal government to help them develop their economy, protect and preserve the environment and provide access to basic necessities.”
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