Democratic News

Chairman Domenici has announced that the final conference report will be on the Energy Committee web,, at noon tomorrow. (We hope all of you have a really good broadband connection!) Our staff will start examining this text as soon as we receive it … we’re going to do that as quickly as we can … and we’ll share our analysis as soon as we can. My committee colleagues are very, very good … but they’re not so practiced and proficient that they can instantly process 1000+ pages of difficult and complex text and offer a snap analysis. It’s going to take several hours before we have a reaction -- one that attempts to ID the provisions that we like and can support, and ones that we don’t and won’t. So please be patient. We will be in touch via e-mail. If you need to reach us, or if we can otherwise be helpful this weekend, let us know. We’ll be in the office most of Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to the wonders of wireless Internet, e-mail is the best way to reach us. # # #