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One year ago today, the United States Senate, on a bipartisan vote, approved a Sense of the Senate on climate change. That declaration was a major step in the congressional debate on climate policy and the result of significant cooperation between the Senate’s two leading voices on energy – Chairman Pete Domenici and Sen. Jeff Bingaman.

Over the past year, Sens. Domenici and Bingaman have continued to cooperate on climate policy, in committee hearings and during a special all-day conference on climate change. They and their staffs have participated in workshops and dialogues and engaged stakeholders in a process that resulted in a White Paper and the conference last April.

The senators marked the anniversary by releasing a summary and transcript of the April 4 conference and this joint statement:

“We are pleased that the passage of the Sense of the Senate resolution gave us the foundation to continue our collaboration on climate. We have used the past year to continue to educate ourselves and our colleagues on this important issue and we remain committed to exploring solutions consistent with the requirements set forth in the June 22, 2005, Sense of the Senate.” 

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