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22 Participants to Present Proposals

At Committee’s Bipartisan Water Conference


List includes industry, enviros, academia, government representatives



Washington, D.C. – The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee staff selected 22 groups to present and discuss their proposed solutions to the challenge of meeting the nation’s ever-increasing demand for water.  This half-day, bipartisan conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, at 2:15 p.m. in Hart 216.


The committee announced the conference earlier this month and invited the public to submit written proposals that address various aspects of domestic water challenges.  The committee received more than 130 proposals from the public, utilities, environmental organizations, universities, think tanks and state and federal agencies.


Chairman Domenici’s statement:


“I am extremely impressed with the breadth and quality of the submissions.  It is my hope that this forum will yield creative and innovative solutions to our pressing water needs.  This conference, like the two conferences before it, will help my committee craft meaningful legislation.”


Senator Bingaman’s statement:


“The large number of responses from such a diverse group of stakeholders confirms the need for Congress to continue to look for innovative ways to address the nation’s water supply challenges.  I look forward to a productive dialogue at the Conference and am encouraged by the wealth of ideas the presenters will bring to the table.”


Republican and Democrat policy staff reviewed the proposals and selected 22 groups to present 23 proposals for discussion at the conference.  (One group will present more than one proposal.)  While the committee initially asked the public to address six topics, the drought issue will now be considered at a separate committee hearing.  In the interest of time, the remaining five questions have been condensed into four.


Participants will each have two minutes to introduce their proposals and summarize their main points.  The remaining time will be used to debate proposals and field questions.  The public and media are invited to attend.


The participants and the topics they will address are below.  The list is subject to change in the event of cancellation.  Representatives from some federal agencies not included as participants may be on hand to provide technical support and answer background questions. 


The list of participants, conference guidelines and the text of proposals to be discussed at the conference can be found on the committee website at:



Question 1: Water Supply and Resource Management Coordination




Metropolitan Water District

State of Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Carlsbad Irrigation District

Trout Unlimited

American Rivers

Chuck DuMars

Idaho Department of Water Resources/Idaho Water Resources Research Institute


Question 2: Future of the Bureau




National Water Resources Association

WateReuse Assocation

Western States Water Council

Family Farm Alliance

City of Santa Fe

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation


Question 3: Indian and Federal Reserved Water Rights




Western States Water Council

NM State Engineer


Native American Rights Fund


Question 4: Conservation and Technological Developments/Knowledge of Water Resources  



Awwa Research Foundation

General Electric

Environmental Defense

National Groundwater Association

City of Albuquerque

Texas Water Development Board


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