Democratic News

In a two-hour mark-up today, Senate Energy Committee reported 18 new bills, six of them dealing with energy and 12 with public lands.  Most of these bills were modified with amendments.
The process of working through a crowded 29-bill agenda was aided by some entertaining conversation and thoughtful debate.  Because 11 bills still await Committee action as part of this mark-up, the meeting was put into recess and will be reconvened later.  Because of a parliamentary snag, two of the energy bills -- Supply Star and 10 Million Solar Roofs -- will be re-adopted at that point.
Bills acted on today:
S. 349            Susquehanna Gateway National Heritage Area, with a substitute
S. 607            Ski Area Permit Act amendments, with a substitute and title
S. 1651          Whitefish Point Light Station patent modification, with amendments
S. 1689          Dona Ana/Organ Mountain wilderness designation, with a substitute
S. 3303          Chimney Rock, CO, National Monument designation, with a substitute
S. 3313          Sloan Hills, NV, withdrawal, with a date change
H.R. 1612     Public Lands Corps Act amendments, with a substitute amendment
S. 745            Magna, UT, water recycling, reported in lieu of H.R. 2265, with an
S. 1750          George C. Marshall home special resources study
H.R. 685        Civil Rights Trail feasibility study
H.R. 4349     Hoover Dam power allocation
H.R. 4252     Rialto-Colton Basin, CA, water study
S. 2052          Nuclear energy research initiative
S. 2812          Nuclear Power 2021, with an amendment
S. 2843          Advanced vehicle technology, with a substitute and an amendment
                            * ethanol tax credit termination (tabled)
S. 3396          Supply Star, with clarifying amendments and two other amendments
                            * climate change and ** jobs
S. 3460          10 Million Solar Roofs, with a substitute amendment
S. 3495          Plug-in electric vehicles, with a substitute amendment
Bills awaiting action when mark-up resumes:
S. 1117          Connecticut River watershed assistance
S. 1320          Energy efficient manufactured housing
S. 3075          North Fork Flathead River withdrawal
H.R. 2442      Bay Area, CA, water recycling
S. 1596          Gold Hill Ranch, CA, acquisition
H.R. 3388      Petersburg Battlefield boundary expansion
H.R. 4395      Gettysburg train station acquisition
S. 679            Heavy-duty hybrid vehicle R&D
S. 2900          Gas turbine efficiency
H.R. 1471      Jimmy Carter historic site (park designation and expansion)
H.R. 2522      Calleguas, CA, water recycling
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