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With the corporate tax bill conference stalled because of political and procedural wrangling, the governors of our nation’s four most populous states (California, Texas, New York and Florida) have written to Republican leaders in Congress, outlining the provisions that are of greatest interest to them and urging that these be included in a final conference report. "Energy tax provisions included in the Senate legislation" is second on the list from these four Republican governors. Sen. Bingaman -- a member of the Senate Finance Committee, top Democrat on the Energy Committee and a tax bill conferee -- substantially contributed to the development of these energy tax incentives and was the first to suggest that they be added to the corporate tax bill. Said Bingaman: "With energy prices so high, our nation’s security will be strengthened by the enactment of the energy tax package. It promotes necessary increases in both energy production and energy conservation. Right now, it hangs in the balance. That’s why I salute the bipartisan support for these essential provisions that is being shown by Governors Schwarzenegger, Perry, Pataki and Bush."

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