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Energy conferees eet again tomorrow (Thursday, July 21, 1:00 p.m., Rayburn 2123) to mark-up Electricity, Indian Energy, Coal Leasing, portions of Renewables and the remaining parts of the Vehicles & FuelsThe base text for these new titles is found on our committee’s website,

Yesterday, conferees adopted the Nuclear, DOE Management, Personnel & Training, Energy Efficiency, Vehicles & Fuels, Hydrogen and Coal titles, as amended.  A recap of Tuesday’s action is posted on our website, under “Recent News.”  Or, you can refer to Marnie’s most excellent e-mail on Tuesday’s activity.

Tomorrow, Conference Chairman Barton is expected to follow the same process he did on Tuesday: As each title is brought up, it will be open for debate and amendment.  Amendments will be considered one at a time.  If either side adopts an amendment, that amendment will be considered right away by the other side.  (Mr. Barton doesn’t want either body to consider several amendments and then send en bloc to the other side any that are adopted.  This keeps Members present rather than have one group of conferees leave for a few hours while the other considers amendments.)

We don’t know how many amendments there will be or how long this meeting will go.  To watch:






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