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“I’d like to welcome everyone here today and thank the witnesses for testifying at this legislative hearing on bills S.2144 and S. 2323. These two bills focus on important policy aspects of carbon dioxide capture, transportation and storage.  S. 2144 focuses on the issue of expanding the existing carbon dioxide pipeline infrastructure.  S.2323 focuses more broadly on carbon capture and storage research, development and demonstration projects and -- perhaps more pertinent to today’s hearing -- it also focuses on developing a policy framework for rapid implementation of integrated carbon dioxide capture and storage systems. 
“Reducing greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide emissions, is a topic of great concern to me and the Members of this Committee.  Carbon capture and geologic storage holds promise as a measure that can be used to mitigate global climate change, while still allowing the use of fossil fuels at electricity-generating plants and industrial facilities.  With discussion centered on coal use in a carbon-constrained world, integrated carbon capture and storage systems may present the most immediate solution for continued use of coal and other carbon intensive fuels while not contributing further to carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. 
“Last December a historic piece of legislation was enacted into law, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which included key provisions for expanding critical research and development programs aimed at bringing integrated carbon capture and storage systems to the full technological deployment stage.  This legislation was a key first step in advancing carbon capture and storage projects, but additional legislation will be needed to advance these storage projects into full commercial deployment.
“The next step in fast-tracking deployment of these technologies is establishing a policy framework that will assist early industry movers in selecting the appropriate geologic storage sites, operation of their facilities, and managing the facilities for decades following the closure of a geologic storage operation. 
“I would like to begin the hearing by welcoming the original bill sponsors who have come to speak on the bills today -- Sen. Kerry will speak on S. 2323 and Sen. Coleman will speak on S.2144.”
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