Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.352 Feb-15-01
To increase the authorization of appropriations for low-income energy assistance, weatherization, and State energy conservation grant programs, to expand the use of energy savings performance contracts, and for other purposes.
S.329 Feb-14-01
To require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a theme study on the peopling of America, and for other purposes.
S.322 May-21-02
To establish the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership in the States of Vermont and New York, and for other purposes.
S.322 Feb-14-01
To limit the acquisition by the United States of land located in a State in which 25 percent or more of the land in that State is owned by the United States.
H.Res.309 Jan-30-01
To provide for the determination of withholding tax rates under the Guam income tax.
H.Res.308 Jan-30-01
To establish the Guam War Claims Review Commission.
S.287 Feb-08-01
To direct the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to impose cost-of-service based rates on sales by public utilities of electric energy at wholesale in the western energy market.
S.281 Feb-07-01
To authorize the design and construction of a temporary education center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
S.Res.273 May-21-02
Recognizing the centennial of the establishment of Crater Lake National Park.
H.Res.271 Jan-30-01
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey a former Bureau of Land Management administrative site to the city of Carson City, Nevada, for use as a senior center.
S.259 Feb-06-01
To authorize funding the Department of Energy to enhance its mission areas through technology transfer and partnerships for fiscal years 2002 through 2006, and for other purposes.