Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.2410 Apr-12-00
To increase the authorization of appropriations for the Reclamation Safety of Dams Act of 1978, and for other purposes.
S.2400 Apr-11-00
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain water distribution facilities to the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.
S.2396 Apr-11-00
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to enter into contracts with the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Utah, to use Weber Basin Project facilities for the impounding, storage, and carriage of nonproject water for domestic, municipal, industrial, and other beneficial purposes.
H.Res.2389 Jun-30-99
To restore stability and predictability to the annual payments made to States and counties containing National Forest System lands and public domain lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management for use by the counties for the benefit of public schools, roads, and other purposes.
H.Res.2368 Jun-29-99
To assist in the resettlement and relocation of the people of Bikini Atoll by amending the terms of the trust fund established during the United States administration of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
S.2363 Apr-05-00
To subject the United States to imposition of fees and costs in proceedings relating to State water rights adjudications.
S.2361 Apr-05-00
To amend Public Law 85-159 to strike the provision relating to transmission of power generated by the Niagara Power Project, New York, to neighboring States.
S.2352 Apr-04-00
To designate portions of the Wekiva River and associated tributaries as a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.
S.2350 Apr-04-00
To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey to certain water rights to Duchesne City, Utah.
H.Res.2348 Jun-24-00
To authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to provide cost sharing for the endangered fish recovery implementation programs for the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins.