Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.26 Jan-22-01
To amend the Department of Energy Authorization Act to authorize the Secretary of Energy to impose interim limitations on the cost of electric energy to protect consumers from unjust and unreasonable prices in the electric energy market.
H.Res.4 Jul-27-01
To enhance energy conservation, research and development and to provide for security and diversity in the energy supply for the American people, and for other purposes.
H.Res.5478 Oct-17-00
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to acquire by donation suitable land to serve as the new location for the home of Alexander Hamilton, commonly known as the Hamilton Grange, and to authorize the relocation of the Hamilton Grange to the acquired land.
H.Res.5331 Sep-28-00
To authorize the Frederick Douglass Gardens, Inc., to establish a memorial and gardens on Department of the Interior lands in the District of Columbia or its environs in honor and commemoration of Frederick Douglass.
H.Res.5225 Sep-20-00
To revise the boundaries of the Richmond National Battlefield Park based on the findings of the Civil War Sites Advisory Committee and the National Park Service and to encourage cooperative management, protection, and interpretation of the resources associated with the Civil War and the Civil War battles in and around the city of Richmond, Virginia.
H.Res.5083 Jul-27-00
To extend the authority of the Los Angeles Unified School District to use certain park lands in the city of South Gate, California, which were acquired with amounts provided from the land and water conservation fund, for elementary school purposes.
H.Res.5041 Jul-27-00
To establish the boundaries and classification of a segment of the Missouri River in Montana under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
H.Res.5036 Jul-27-00
To amend the Dayton Aviation Heritage Preservation Act of 1992 to clarify the areas included in the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and to authorize appropriations for that park.
H.Res.4957 Jul-25-00
To amend the Omnibus Parks and Public Lands Management Act of 1996 to extend the legislative authority for the Black Patriots Foundation to establish a commemorative work.
H.Res.4940 Jul-24-00
To designate the museum operated by the Secretary of Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as the "American Museum of Science and Energy", and for other purposes.