Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.1577 Oct-25-01
To amend the Lower Rio Grande Valley Water Resources Conservation and Improvement Act of 2000 to authorize additional projects under that Act, and for other purposes.
H.Res.1576 Apr-24-01
To designate the James Peak Wilderness and Protection Area in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in the State of Colorado, and for other purposes.
S.1576 Jul-23-02
To authorize early repayment of obligations to the Bureau of Reclamation within the Rogue River Valley Irrigation District or within the Medford Irrigation District, and for other purposes.
S.1537 Oct-11-01
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a hydrogeologic mapping, modeling and monitoring program for the High Plains Aquifer and to establish the High Plains Aquifer Coordination Council to facilitate groundwater conservation in the High Plains.
S.1529 Oct-10-01
To direct the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security to establish the National Energy Infrastructure Security Program.
S.1526 Oct-10-01
To establish the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area in the State of Georgia, and for other purposes.
S.1480 Oct-01-01
To amend the Reclamation Recreation Management Act of 1992 in order to provide for the security of dams, facilities, and resources under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Reclamation.
H.Res.1456 Apr-04-01
To expand the boundary of the Booker T. Washington National Monument, and for other purposes.
S.1451 Sep-21-01
To provide for the conveyance of certain public land in Clark County, Nevada, for use as a shooting range.
S.1421 Jul-12-01
A bill to authorize the Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation to establish a commemorative work in the District of Columbia and its environs, and for other purposes.
S.1403 Sep-05-01
To amend the Federal Power Act to promote energy independence and diversity by providing for the use of net metering by certain small electric energy generation systems, and for other purposes.