Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.1474 May-24-07
A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to plan, design and construct facilities to provide water for irrigation, municipal, domestic, and other uses from the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin, Santa Ana River, California, and for other purposes.
S.1473 May-24-07
A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Bureau of Reclamation, to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Madera Irrigation District for purposes of supporting the Madera Water Supply Enhancement Project.
S.1472 May-24-07
A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to create a Bureau of Reclamation partnership with the North Bay Water Reuse Authority and other regional partners to achieve objectives relating to water supply, water quality, and environmental restoration.
H.Res.1462 Mar-09-07
To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to participate in the implementation of the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program for Endangered Species in the Central and Lower Platte River Basin and to modify the Pathfinder Dam and Reservoir.
S.1449 May-22-07
A bill to establish the Rocky Mountain Science Collections Center to assist in preserving the archeological, anthropological, paleontological, zoological, and geologic artifacts and archival documentation from the Rocky Mountain region through the construction of an on-site, secure collections facility for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, Colorado.
S.1443 May-21-07
A bill to provide standards for renewable fuels and coal-derived fuels.
S.1441 Jun-11-08
To establish the Oil Region National Heritage Area.
S.1435 May-21-07
A bill to amend the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to increase the capacity of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and for other purposes.
S.1434 May-21-07
A bill to amend the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to promote the use of energy and water efficiency measures in Federal buildings, to promote energy savings performance contracts and utility energy service contracts, and for other purposes.
S.1433 May-21-07
A bill to amend the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act to provide competitive status to certain Federal employees in the State of Alaska.