Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.180 Jan-08-09
A bill to establish the Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area, and for other purposes.
S.167 Jun-15-10
To extend the authorization for the Upper Delaware Citizens Advisory Council and to authorize construction and operation of a visitor center for the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, New York and Pennsylvania.
S.161 Jan-06-09
A bill to authorize implementation of the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement, and for other purposes.
S.159 Jan-06-09
A bill to establish the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, and for other purposes.
S.153 Jan-06-09
A bill to amend the National Trails System Act to designate the Arizona National Scenic Trail.
S.152 Jan-06-09
A bill to direct the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to jointly conduct a study of certain land adjacent to the Walnut Canyon National Monument in the State of Arizona.
S.140 Jan-06-09
A bill to modify the requirements applicable to locatable minerals on public domain lands, consistent with the principles of self-initiation of mining claims, and for other purposes.
S.137 Jan-06-09
A bill to create jobs and reduce the dependence of the United States on foreign and unsustainable energy sources by promoting the production of green energy, and for other purposes.
S.135 Jan-06-09
A bill to decrease the matching funds requirement and authorize additional appropriations for Keweenaw National Historical Park in the State of Michigan.
S.134 Jan-06-09
A bill to amend the National Trails System Act to clarify Federal authority relating to land acquisition from willing sellers for the North Country National Scenic Trail.