Committee Legislation

Bill Introduced Description
S.304 Feb-08-11
A bill to amend the Alaska National Gas Pipeline Act to improve the Alaska pipeline construction training program, and for other purposes.
S.303 Feb-08-11
A bill to amend the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 to require the Bureau of Land Management to provide a claimant of a small miner waiver from claim maintenance fees with a period of 60 days after written receipt of 1 or more defects is provided to the claimant by registered mail to cure the 1 or more defects or pay the claim maintenance fee, and for other purposes.
S.302 Feb-08-11
A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to issue right-of-way permits for a natural gas transmission pipeline in nonwilderness areas within the boundary of Denali National Park, and for other purposes.
S.292 Feb-04-11
A bill to resolve the claims of the Bering Straits Native Corporation and the State of Alaska to land adjacent to Salmon Lake in the State of Alaska and to provide for the conveyance to the Bering Straits Native Corporation of certain other public land in partial satisfaction of the land entitlement of the Corporation under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
S.279 Feb-03-11
A bill to direct the Secretary of the Interior to carry out a study to determine the suitability and feasibility of establishing Camp Hale as a unit of the National Park System.
S.278 Feb-03-11
A bill to provide for the exchange of certain land located in the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forests in the State of Colorado, and for other purposes.
S.276 Feb-03-11
A bill to amend the National Trails System Act to provide for the study of the Pike National Historic Trail.
S.271 Feb-03-11
A bill to require the Secretary of Agriculture to enter into a property conveyance with the city of Wallowa, Oregon, and for other purposes.
S.270 Feb-03-11
A bill to direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain Federal land to Deschutes County, Oregon.
S.268 Feb-03-11
A bill to sustain the economic development and recreational use of National Forest System land and other public land in the State of Montana, to add certain land to the National Wilderness Preservation System, to release certain wilderness study areas, to designate new areas for recreation, and for other purposes.