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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Frank H. Murkowksi (R-AK), Ranking Member of the Senate Energy Committee, today congratulated the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for resisting the call for price controls and instead expanded their market based order, encouraging new generation and protecting consumers from unreasonable rates. He released the following statement this afternoon: “I share President Bush commitment to market competition, not federal government command and control. We must never forget that government doesn’t generate electricity and neither do controls – only industry can generate the electricity the public needs. “In the pursuit of just and reasonable rates, Congress need not pursue new legislation. As we saw yesterday from the FERC, the system is working. “The FERC’s order clears the way for our work on long term solutions. Congress must now focus its attention on putting in a place a comprehensive, national strategy that will help get us out of this energy crisis and keep us out. Affordable, reliable, plentiful energy from coast-to-coast is the backbone of our economic growth. ###