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WASHINGTON – Senator Frank H. Murkowski (R-AK), Ranking Member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today released the following statement after a meeting of the House and Senate Energy Conference. “By securing our nation’s energy supply, we can better secure America. Today we took a big step toward this goal and we have the work of Chairman Tauzin to thank for our efforts thus far. The ambitious September time line he laid out is exactly what we need to ensure the conference’s success. “Although the items before us dealing mostly with efficiencies may not seem impressive, they do represent the first resolution of many Tier II issues. However, the true test of whether we deliver on the expectations of the American people will come when we address the issues to increase our domestic production. Only then will we know if we have a truly comprehensive and balanced measure. “We have now had a complete walk-through of all Tier II issues as well as some Tier I issues, while the review of all remaining issues will be completed in the coming days. At that point, nothing should prevent staff from presenting us with as many agreements as possible on remaining issues and identifying what the Members will need to resolve in September. “Though I am disappointed that Price-Anderson could not be resolved at the staff level, the issue is fairly clear-cut and a discussion today should clear the deck for early resolution in September. With the conclusion of the walk-through, we can wrap up any general discussion immediately upon our return in September. With that behind us, the Chairman’s decision to have the conference meet to conclusion should produce a final conference agreement in relatively short order. “At that point, we will finally be able to deliver to the President the plan that he and the American people have been asking for. A plan that uses the best of American technology, ingenuity, and energy resources to bring stability and certainty to America’s energy supply. A plan that ensures America’s energy security by increasing the use of American energy.” ###