Republican News

April 30, 2003


Senate Slated to Take Up Legislation Late Monday

Washington, D.C. – The Senate Energy Committee today marked up an electricity title and reported out Chairman Domenici’s mark on comprehensive energy legislation by a vote of 13-10. Chairman Domenici’s statement: “This energy bill diversifies our nation’s energy supply for decades to come. It creates jobs, explores new energies and protects our environment. We expand production of wind, solar, goethermal and biomass energies as well as the clean production of oil, gas and coal in appropriate locations. This legislation moves America toward a future of hydrogen fuels and advanced nuclear energy – two clean energies with no airborne emissions. I consider both to be the cornerstone of our energy future. The electricity title also moves America’s electricity generation and transmission into the future. We ensure reliable and affordable electricity to every American. We repeal antiquated laws that have cost consumers billions of dollars and prohibit onerous federal meddling that could cost consumers billions more. We increase penalties for market manipulation and enhance consumer protections. I’m proud of this bill. I’m proud of the work of this committee. Senators on this committee have made this bill a priority. We have worked swiftly and acted decisively to approve an energy bill that will ensures all Americans clean, affordable and reliable energy.” The Senate is slated to take up the bill, to be named the Energy Policy Act of 2003, May 5. The bill report will be filed May 6. The committee reported all approved titles except Title XIII, which contains the LIHEAP provision, a provision under the jurisdiction of the Health Education Labor and Pension Committee. Out of deference to that committee, Title XIII will be offered as an amendment on the floor. The Energy Tax Incentives Act, approved by the Finance Committee, will also be offered as an amendment on the floor. ###