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Washington, D.C. – The Senate Energy Committee today announced the revised schedule for the committee’s consideration of comprehensive energy legislation. The new schedule is as follows: Tuesday, April 8 — Titles VIII (Hydrogen), X (Personnel and Training), XII (State Energy Programs), VI (Energy Efficiency), and V (Renewable Energy). Wednesday, April 9 — Titles I (Oil and Gas) and II (Coal). Thursday, April 10 — Titles IV (Nuclear) and Titles XI (Climate Change). Tuesday, April 29 —VII ( Transportation Fuels), III (Indian Energy), and IX (Research and Development). Wednesday, April 30 — Title XII (Electricity) Thursday, May 1 — Reporting. All meetings will commence at 10:00 am in SD-366 and will continue until the committee disposes of all amendments on the titles designated for that day or until the committee loses its quorum. ###