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Domenici slated to leave Aug. 4, but can stay until Aug. 9 Washington, D.C. – Senate Energy Committee Chairman Pete V. Domenici today reaffirmed Republican senators’ commitment to passing S. 14, the Energy Policy Act of 2003, before the August recess. Senator Domenici’s statement: “I remain committed to passing this bill before recess, even if that means delaying recess. I had planned to travel on August 4, but I don’t have leave until August 9. I’m am prepared to stay here every day until then if that’s what it takes to get this bill done. “I see no excuse for the delay tactics we are encountering on the floor. We have devoted ample committee time and floor time to this bill. We held energy hearings in my committee for two months before crafting this bill to make sure we understood the energy challenges America is facing. We crafted a balanced, comprehensive energy bill that stimulates the economy, creates jobs and diversifies America’s energy sources. “We marked that bill up in committee. Unlike last year’s bill, the voices of committee senators was heard and their will was worked on this bill before it went to the floor. Last year’s bill was crafted on the floor and in the Majority Leader’s office. This bill went through an orderly committee process. “We have devoted ample floor time to this legislation. To date, this bill has been on the floor for 16 days – longer than any other legislation this year. “I believe there is no excuse for the delay tactics we are encountering. This bill is right for American consumers. It’s right for American workers. It’s right for our economy and it’s right for our environment. Let’s get it done.”