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Who: Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests When: Thursday, Feb. 27 at 3 p.m. Where: SD-366 Why: To receive testimony on S. 246, S. 32, S. 203, and S. 278 Summary of Bills: S. 246: a bill to provide that certain Bureau of Land Management land shall be held in trust for the Pueblo of Santa Clara and the Pueblo of San Ildefonso in the State of New Mexico; S. 32: a bill to establish Institutes to conduct research on the prevention of, and restoration from, wildfires in forest and woodland ecosystems of the interior West; S.203: a bill to open certain withdrawn land in Big Horn County, Wyoming, to locatable mineral development for bentonite mining; S. 278: a bill to make certain adjustments to the boundaries of the Mount Naomi Wilderness Area, and for other purposes. _____________________________________