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Washington, D.C. – The Senate Energy Committee today honored retiring Chief Counsel James Beirne with a resolution commending him for his 37 years of outstanding service to the committee. The committee cited Beirne’s integrity, superior knowledge of law and procedure and exceptional wit and humor in its resolution. It noted that Beirne had contributed significantly to all areas within the committee’s jurisdiction, including management of federal lands, production and conservation of natural resources, energy policy and national security, development and use of water resources, and oversight of the territorial possessions. Chairman Domenici’s statement: “Jim Beirne has made an immense contribution to this committee for nearly four decades. His expertise, institutional knowledge and sound judgment have guided us all. His dedication and precision have helped this committee sustain its excellence. We will miss his wisdom, his hard work and his wonderful wit. We wish him well.” Beirne joined the committee as an intern in the summer of 1966. He served as professional staff and counsel from 1970-1983; senior counsel from 1983-1998; deputy chief counsel from 1998-2001 and chief counsel from 2001-2003. He retires from the committee July 4, 2003, fulfilling a desire to cap his federal career with fireworks on the national mall. ###