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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Alaska Senator Frank H. Murkowski, Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, issued the following comments today in support of the President's announcement of several new initiatives on climate change: "The President has again shown strong leadership on the issue of climate change through the announcement of these specific initiatives that move us toward a real solution. These new initiatives will improve our scientific understanding of climate and develop new technologies to reduce, avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly, the proposal addresses the climate change issue in a way that is good for American families, the American economy, and the health of our environment." "This proposal demonstrates the President's commitment to address the risk of climate change through advanced technology and American ingenuity. There is every reason to expect that with the right incentives and programs, we can develop the advanced energy technologies to help us meet our energy needs AND our environmental goals. "Rather than sound the alarms and present false choices between energy and the environment, the President clearly sees a different way forward on climate change – one that makes sense for all Americans, not just radical environmentalists." "I look forward to working with the President and his Cabinet on turning sound environmental principles into practice through exciting new programs like these, and applaud him for his efforts to do the right thing for America and the global environment." ###