Official Short: Gray Wolf Livestock Loss Mitigation Act of 2008

Long Title: A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to provide grants to designated States and tribes to carry out programs to reduce the risk of livestock loss due to predation by gray wolves and other predator species or to compensate landowners for livestock loss due to predation.

Sponsors: Mr. Tester and Mr. Barrasso

THOMAS: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d110:S.2875:


  • Sep 16 2008 12:00AM: Reported to the Senate with amendment, without written report.
  • Sep 11 2008 12:00AM: Full committee business meeting; ordered reported with amendment. (voice vote)
  • Sep 8 2008 12:00AM: Mr. Smith added as cosponsor.
  • Jul 11 2008 12:00AM: Mr. Craig added as cosponsor.
  • Jul 9 2008 12:00AM: Hearing by subcommittee. S. Hrg. 110-572
  • Apr 22 2008 12:00AM: Mr. Baucus added as cosponsor.
  • Apr 16 2008 12:00AM: Introduced.