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SAYS MEETING WITH ABRAHAM AND SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS OFFERS PRODUCTIVE AND IMPORTANT DIALOGUE WASHINGTON – Senator Frank H. Murkowski (R-AK), Ranking Member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, released the following statement after a White House meeting with Secretary of Energy Abraham and senior Administration officials today to discuss proposals to develop a transportation system for Alaska’s vast natural gas reserves. “The White House expressed some concerns over the specific price mechanisms in the Senate Energy bill. However, they expressed their commitment to work to develop a proper role for the federal government to help move this project forward expeditiously. “The delegation made clear our position that we are prepared to move forward with our current proposal unless the Administration tables a workable alternative. While the Administration expressed concerns about the current proposal they did commit to find common ground. “Without some federal safeguards, Alaska natural gas will stay in the ground for a very long time. “In this regard, we took solid steps toward moving the gas line project from the drawing board to reality. The President recognizes the critical role Alaska gas plays in securing our energy supply and meeting our future needs. I am encouraged by the overwhelming willingness of each of the Departments to move us forward on this project.” ###